Lilly Beth Weddings Planner Services

Does your dream wedding take place on a secluded beach? How about at sunset? Or perhaps your vision is reminiscent of a century-old plantation or among lush gardens in a courtyard? Perhaps you have always dreamed of a gilded ballroom wedding or a rustic hill country style.  Whatever your dream and your vision entails, it can be achieved with unparalleled success.  Lilly Beth Weddings would be honored to provide wedding planning services for your event.

Is your wedding dinner formal or something more casual? Will you have cocktails or a signature drink? Lilly Beth Weddings will design your drink menu to incorporate into your style and budget. What food preferences do you have? Caribbean, Italian, Texas Style Barbeque, Vegeterian, food trucks....the possibilities are unlimited. .

Our wedding planning services are customized to suit your vision and budget. For a free consultation, give us a call or send us an email. Let's have coffee!