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Meet Jo

Welcome to Lilly Beth Weddings Flowers

I'm Jo, the owner of Lilly Beth Wedding Flowers and I am passionate about wedding floral design.  I've been a wedding industry professional since 2010 as a wedding coordinator and planner and have expanded into floral design. Having experienced the loss of my own wedding venue to the Halloween flood of 2013, I decided then I would continue my journey of providing joyful and  thoughtful wedding services. I am very focused on providing exceptional service and value and my greatest accomplishment will always be to deliver pristine wedding services to my couples on one of the most epic days of their lives.


I named my business as a tribute to my lovely mother who is named Lillian but is known to many as Lilly. Lilly loves flowers and grew them on her farm for many years. Roses, snapdragons, marigolds, zinnias, gladiolas, petunias, geraniums to name a few. She is the strongest woman I know and I could not think of a more fitting name to honor her and to share our lifelong passion for flowers.